Slovak Development Institute

Our services

Project development

Our Professional team ensures complete project development, project file, completing all required attachments and develop all necessary studies and analysis.

We deliver:
  • Development of project applications due to all required criteria and standards
  • Processing of the project budget
  • Development of statutory analysis and studies
  • Completion of mandatory attachments
  • Communication with the relevant authorities
  • Check the accuracy before submitting a formal project application
  • Assistance with the additional documents requested by the authorities

Management and implementation of projects

Approval of the submitted project and obtaining grants should be seen as a deserved success, mainly because of the complex subsidy schemes and fragmented information, but it is only a first step towards achieving that objective. It is important to remember, what implications this decision brings it up to the moment of approval of project applications begins a long process of administration and control the use of approved grants.

We deliver:
  • Project management cycle
  • Monitoring of implementation schedule and project budget spending
  • Financial management
  • Internal manual for project implementation
  • Monitoring of compliance with contractual obligations
  • Assistance in tender
  • Publicity of project
  • Crisis project financing
  • Monitoring reports
  • Communication with the implementing agency and other authorities


  • Coaching - effective method of training and development of potential of executives and managers at all levels. Systemic coaching is a specific way / style of thinking and communication, which can remove or change the internal barriers restricting our professional or personal life. It is an interactive consultancy and accompanying the process of coaching person, which may include work and private matters. It is based on mutual acceptance and trust
  • Foreign languages – English, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Creation of projects and project management - focused on the successful development and implementation of projects funded from grants and subsidies
  • European policy and European Union
  • Management skills - focus on time management, recruitment interviews, teambuilding, delegation, leadership meetings, conflict handling and others
  • Sales skills - arranging business meetings, verbal and nonverbal communication, identification of client needs, presentation skills, closing sales and care of clients
  • Presentation skills - verbal and nonverbal communication, skill to communicate effectively, a means of creating a good presentation, how to get rid of jitters, the work with the audience
  • Managing stress
  • Advisory about professional search and recruitment
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Management of job interviews and preparation, implementation of Assessment Center
  • Analysis of job positions and other

Consulting and Research

In addition to creation of projects and education we often participate in various activities aimed at the analytical work, surveys and market research.

We deliver:
  • Creation of feasibility studies, development plans, business plans
  • Analytical work focused on obtaining input data for projects
  • Market research, public opinion poll
  • Research in the area of human capital
  • Advisory work for the project